1 HP Single Speed 8″ Wheel 2 x 72 Knife Maker’s Grinder

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Bee Metal 2 x 72 Knife Maker’s Grinder Single Speed 8″ contact wheel. Comes complete with 1 hp motor, dust housing and square wheel type platen assembly.

These are simply the Best Knife Making Grinders anywhere – at any price. Bee has been making Industrial Grinders for over 35 years – some of them monsters! This grinder was not “adapted” for the custom knifemaker. It was specifically designed from scratch for the custom knife maker. Bearings are permanently lubed and sealed. The dust housing is heavy guage sheet metal, and it spits dust out the rear 2 1/2″ port even without a vacuum attached. Every machine comes equipped to flat grind, slack grind, hollow grind on the contact wheel and has two smaller, full rubber contact wheels located top and bottom of the flat platen. The tool rest is adjust able – a critical safety factor so you don’t get blades (or your body parts) wedged between the rest and belt.

The three wheel design means you are doing all your grinding at the same height. Compare this to two wheel grinders where you may be doing hollow grinding at belly button height and flat grinding at chest height.

All changes and adjustments are done by hand wheels or levers. The only tool I’ve ever used on one of these machines was an Allen key when replacing a worn flat platen.

It’s available in 1 hp or 2 hp – single speed or variable speed – 8″ contact wheel or 10″ contact wheel – smooth or serrated. Whichever configuration you choose, you will never be sorry you bought the Bee.


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