Konstantinos Tsaparailis…

Tim, thank you very much for the new knife. I love the Mofo, but this Debt Collector is in a class of its own. These knives are by far the most solid knives I own, the lock up is fa-nominal and they are in my top 5 of my favorite knives.

Thanks again!
Konstantinos Tsaparailis
Calgary Alberta

George Brum…

I bought a Black Scalloped Mofo from Tim at Trouble Blades, and as soon as I got it I pulled it out to show a few friends that are into knives and they all jumped back and said “WOW, That things bad ass!” and once they held it in their hands they all wanted to know were they can get one. Not only does it look bad ass but when I put it through its paces and used it, while working as a landscaper, it blasted through anything I threw at it, very durable piece of gear and will hold up!.

I recommend anyone in the market for a tough tactical knife that you get yourself one of these bad ass knives.

George Brum
Owner of Courteous George Landscaping
Victoria, BC

Richard Call…

I got the Mofo Today ..”Oh my Gosh”
What a massive Tactical folder…
I couldn’t be more pleased …
Its better than a lot of my high end custom tactical blades that Ive got.
I know one thing .. I cant wait for my Dept Collector to be ready…it can be in the brown or black g10 scales .. I don’t care its beautiful ..thank you so much , I really appreciate it…have a good Day and enjoy the rest of your weekend ..Thanks again….

PS.. I like the pelican case too its nice.

Richard E Call

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